Monika Truong 張秀娥 is a sinologist, sociologist and theatre professional based in Zurich. She combines different disciplines and perspectives, draws from personal experience in order to artistically work on the phenomena of our time. Her academic training shapes her understanding of the cultural heritage of communities. Her Chinese-Vietnamese origins, her Asian appearance as well as her socialization and everyday life in Switzerland complement and sharpen her perspective. In her theatre work, she focuses on interpersonal relationships, on what connects or separates people in social interactions. She stages participatory performances, which deal with the asymmetry of social possibilities and power relations and show alternatives to today’s reality. Her work “Enjoy Racism” (together with Thom Reinhard) in coproduction with the Fabriktheater Zürich and ROXY Birsfelden was shown in 2018 at the festivals Impulse in Mühlheim an der Ruhr and Politik im Freie Theater in Munich, where it was awarded the festival prize. Since 2020 Monika Truong has been an associate artist at Gessnerallee Zurich who co-produce her work. Her latest work “Motherhood – A Performance Evaluation” premiered in April 2022. Her show “Be Part Of” (2021) was presented at Mayfest 2022 in Bristol, UK.

All works shown on the website are the intellectual property of Monika Truong and her co-authors Thom Reinhard (Enjoy Racism, Ausländer Ausziehen, Watch Me Strip, Invest In Me) as well as Simone Truong and Elaine Ho (Overseas 2008-2010).

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